Quick Tips - Check this page out for some advise on basic green screen set up, camera setttings, etc..

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Easy Green Screen 4 Videos Coming Very Soon


A tutorial showing how to install Easy Green Screen.

EGS 3 Pro Overview

This video covers the basic features of the Easy Green Screen Pro version.

Paste Extracted Image into New Background

This tutorial shows two different methods for placing your extracted image into a new background image.

Layer Mask Touch Up

This video shows several methods to touch up an extraction if part of the foreground is removed.

EGS Pro Batch Processing

This tutorial shows how to batch process with EGS.

Basically, you just need to record an action using the filter. The action can then be batch processed using Image Processor.

Balancing BG and FG

This tutorial shows how to balance the lighting between the background and foreground using Image Balancer. This filter is available at DMphotoSoftware.com.

Manual Spill Correction

How to use the manual spill corrction layer which is created by EGS Pro. This method make it very simple to just "paint on" spill correction.

Dealing with Green Reflections in Foreground Object

Sometimes green refections can be problematic. For the example in this image, the reflection on the head phones cause them to be almost pure green. This tutorial shows how to deal with tough green spill using dual mask in EGS and then dodging the mask in Photoshop (much easier than it sounds).

Custom Default Settings in EGS Pro

This tutorial shows how to set your own custom default settings in the Pro version.

Spill Correction Affecting Clothing Color

This video shows how to use the spill correction bandwidth settings and spill mask to compensate for when the spill correction changes the color of clothing. This is really simple to correct for in most cases.

Blue Screen extraction with blue jeans

This video show how to remove a blue screen when the subject is wearing blue jeans

Blue Sky Replacement in EGS Pro

This is an advanced tutorial that goes over replacing a blue sky and blending the beach from one image into another.